About Us

“Only learning make physiotherapy profession to keep progressing. We wanted the therapy profession to stay connected, share knowledge and information across the globe. Everyone in the world has the chance to receive international teaching at no cost or a very affordable price”.


What we do

Empowering Physiotherapy Education Globally

At Physiodemy, we believe that continuous learning is the key to propelling the physiotherapy profession forward. Our mission is to foster a global community where therapists stay connected, share knowledge, and access international teaching at no cost or at an affordable price. Through digital and online learning, we are transforming the way physiotherapy is taught and learned, ensuring inclusive and sustainable education for all.

Embracing Digital Learning for Professional Development


Over the past decade, physiotherapy education has witnessed a significant shift, with digital learning becoming an integral part of professional development. The emergence of new technologies and communication tools, combined with the recent impact of COVID-19, has accelerated the need and potential for online learning in the field.


Online learning plays a vital role in continuing professional development, offering practitioners the opportunity to access cutting-edge knowledge from any part of the world, free of cost. We are committed to providing you with an international learning experience that doesn’t burden your finances.

Building Practical Skills through Collaboration


At Physiodemy, we understand that practical experience is fundamental to effective therapy. That’s why we have established strong partnerships with multiple higher education organisations worldwide, ensuring that our online courses seamlessly integrate with practical sessions. These hands-on workshops take place once the online course is completed, providing participants with invaluable real-world experience.

Global Reach: Workshop Centers Around the World


Our commitment to spreading quality education knows no boundaries. We have established workshop centers in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, and are actively exploring centers in North America and Australia. Wherever you are in the world, you can access our transformative learning experiences.

Transforming Lives, One Therapist at a Time


Our primary goal is to empower therapists like you with the skills and talent to make a difference in patients’ lives. We firmly believe that patients benefit from enhanced treatment due to the newly acquired skills and knowledge of our participants. With your passion and dedication, we strive for a positive transformation in patients’ well-being and recovery.


Certificate and Course Accreditation


Your hard work and dedication deserve recognition. When you complete a course with us, you will receive a personalized certificate that highlights your achievements. The certificate will bear your name, the course name, and the course provider. Moreover, it will include the number of CPD points you have earned and the course’s accreditation by various professional bodies and universities worldwide.

Collaboration and Approval


We work hand in hand with numerous professional organizations, higher education institutions, and course providers to ensure our online courses meet the specific requirements for continuing professional education in different countries. This collaborative approach allows us to create high-quality and widely accepted courses that elevate the standards of physiotherapy practice worldwide.


Join us on this transformative journey, and together, let’s shape the future of physiotherapy education for a better world. Explore our online courses, gain new perspectives, and unlock your potential as a skilled and compassionate physiotherapist. At Physiodemy, learning knows no boundaries.

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